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BestWe Men sex delay spray is effective for prolong men sexual life time. It can improve sexual performance with very good absorption, effectively prevent premature ejaculation, can enhance male erectile ability and make penis harder. Meanwhile it can sterilize, has clean sterilization effect. The spray contains 100% safe and natural ingredients. All main ingredients are extracted from herbs. It has no side effect and will not rely on it for long-term using

Original BestWe Men Delay Spray imported:

Prolong the sexual life time at least 5-10 times comparing before;
Prevent the premature ejaculation, enhance male erectile ability and make penis harder;
Spray once, the effective time can last 72 hours;
Sterilization, disinfection and all natural not affect your partner;
Not numb, not lower the pleasure, no any side effect.

How to Use?

Clean the glans penis and coronary sulcus before use.
Spray 2-3 times(around 0.2-0.3ml) on the glans penis and coronal sulcus 30 minutes before sexual activity.
If need to have a bath, 15 minutes later, it can be washed by warm water, does not affect the effect.

Important Information

Initial user, If there is any discomfort, please clean it with warm water immediately.
Can not be used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in sexual life.
Volumn and Packing:

3ml/bottle, for 20 times, one month

Bottle size: 8.8cm(H)x1.9cm(DIA)

Certificate: FDA

Viga Delay Spray

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3.00 ML

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Bestwe Men Delay Spray in Pakistan

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