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Permanent Hair Removal Lotion Pakistan. Are you suffering from massive facial hair problem. Unwanted facial hair may reduce your beauty and confidence. You may feel depressed because of those unwanted facial hair. You might using threading option again and again and hair becomes more thicker with the time. Some women fed up with threading and waxing option and decides for laser hair removal treatment. Laser Treatment for hair removal is too much costly and you have to visit those clinics several times a month. What if you can remove facial hair permanently at home. Yes now its possible with the natural hair removal lotion.


No pain
No side effects
Permanent result
Effective for thick body hair too
Permanent Hair Remover Lotion

How To Use

Regardless of when the hair are face or body. Remove them using either waxing, threading or tweezer. Apply some lotion by using your finger and wait for a few minutes. when the lotion is about to dry reapply, so the lotion can be fully absorbed into the roots of the hair. Apply the lotion 3 times with appropriate breaks in between, It’s preferred to do this during night time so the lotion can stay on for the whole night. Wash the treated skin in the morning so any residue left behind by the lotion can be washed away. Repeat this for 5 days. Wait for the hairs to grow back, the regrown hair will be weaker. Remove the hair using the same method & repeat the full cycle for another 5 days.

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  1. Shazia

    Very effective Hair Removal Lotion in Pakistan

  2. Alia Akram


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Permanent Hair Removal Lotion in Pakistan
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