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V Wash Pakistan. The V Wash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene is a personal care product for women that cleanses their most intimate area. Most women believe that soaps are enough for daily hygiene of their entire body, but that is not true. The ideal vaginal pH value is 3.5-4.5. Many soaps are alkaline, which means that they have a pH value of 8-10. This upsets the pH value inside the vagina. Just using water also does not help, as the pH value of water is 7. V Wash Plus uses a lactic acid formulation that helps maintain the ideal and delicate pH value of your most intimate body part. Using this product will prevent irritation, itching, pain, bad odor, white discharge, and infections in the vaginal area.

How Does V Wash Work

The V Wash Plus can be used on a daily basis and effectively helps maintain vaginal hygiene, thus preventing the growth of bacteria resulting in infections. The wash has a pH of 3.5, which maintains the protective layer on the vagina that prevents the onset of infection.


Daily V Wash use, helps maintain vaginal freshness and hygiene. Works well to prevent bad odours and itchiness in your intimate areas. V Wash contains sea buckthorn oil, which is rich in various minerals as well as vitamins and antioxidants. The oil also contains amino acids.

How To Use

V Wash products are meant for external use. Squeeze a few drops of the liquid in your hand and apply to your vaginal area. Rinse with water.

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  1. Sara Khan

    getting good results, need more pack ,, and thanks for delivery

  2. Keenza

    My first time trying this kind of products.I feel it’s been effective.

  3. Alia

    Good Product

  4. Nimra Asif

    100% Herbal Product

  5. Hina Imtiaz

    Great Product . need more

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V Wash in Pakistan
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