Dr. James Lady Capsules In Pakistan

Dr. James Lady Capsules Online Price in Pakistan

Dr. James Lady Capsule in Pakistan skin whitening are largely used in different parts of the world particularly by women who love a lighter complexion. The natural antioxidant dr James lady capsule has proved to be effective not only in achieving a brighter white look, enlarge and tighten the breasts.

Benefits Of Dr. James Lady Capsules

  • 100% Herbal
  • Increase the collagen tissue under the skin and makes the skin whiter.
  • The skin is refreshed, reduces wrinkles, and pimples.
  • Makes the hair soft and lustrous Anti-aging
  • It expands, enlarge and tighten the breasts.
  • Clearly makes your skin white and healthier.
  • It gives more feminine body shape.
  • Remove freckles and blemishes on face and Reduces cholesterol.

Ingredients Of Dr. James Lady Capsule

Each 500mg Contain:
Curcuma Xanthorrhiza 200mg
Pueraria Mirifica 1801mg
Curcuma Aromatica 120mg

How To Use

Take 1-2 Capsules At A Time, Two Times A Day Morning And Evening Or Before Bed Time, Doctor James Lady Capsule

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Dr. James Lady Capsules In Pakistan
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