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Derma Roller is use for achieving clear skin free of blemishes, ageing spots, stretch marks and acne scars. Best of all, it can be used almost on the entire body. It reduces stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, acne and promotes hair re-growth. This at-home derma roller with a 1.5mm needle size is the single answer to multiple skin problems on the face and the body as it promises flawless, fresh and even skin in just a few weeks. It is made up of superior
quality, medical grade titanium needles which stimulate the skin in order to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely. This will result in a smoother, brighter, healthier looking skin and is particularly effective on acne scarring, stretch marks, ageing and sun damaged skin, lines and wrinkles, and pigmentation.


  • Ultra Sharp 540 Needle Tips (0.5 – 1.5mm)
  • Cross Line Needles Arrangement
  • Stable & Inflexible Needles
  • Anti-slip Grip
  • Remove Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Vanishes Blemishes
  • Effective on Acne Scarring
  • Good for Ageing/Sun Damaged Skin
  • Firms & Thickens Skin
  • Medical Grade Titanium Needles
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Affordable

How to use

  1. Scar expulsion including skin break out scar evacuation or treatment.
  2. Extend stamp evacuation.
  3. Hostile to maturing.
  4. Hostile to wrinkle.
  5. Cellulite treatment/cellulite lessening or expulsion.
  6. Male pattern baldness treatment/hair reclamation.
  7. Hyper pigmentation treatment.
  8. Length.
  9. Capacity.
  10. 2.5mm/3.0mm.
  11. Evacuate wrinkles, body expansion scars and consuming scars
  12. 2.0mm.
  13. Evacuate little damage scars, wrinkles around the eyes and skin inflammation scars.
  14. 1.00mm/1.5mm.
  15. Expel wrinkles and pigmentations on the skin.
  16. 0.5mm/0.75mm
  17. Help construct delightful and solid skin, and counteract male pattern baldness.
  18. 0.2mm/0.25mm/0.3mm.
  19. Ideal for beautifying agents application.


Derma Roller in Pakistan is a lessened contraption that is utilized as a massager. With the assistance of this massager, you can work on your facial skin by making collagen inside the skin tissues. With this mechanical social gathering, you can reasonably treat all the skin issues, for example, skin break-out scars, pregnancy etchings, and some more. There are the goings with crucial advantages of Derma Roller.

  • Derma Roller Price in Pakistan is the magnificent most obliging instrument for the treatment of hyper-pigmentation.
  • This gadget makes the collagen level inside skin tissues and deals with the adaptability of the skin.
  • It similarly ruins wrinkles and scars.
  • Fundamentally, this massager diminishes the regrowth of the hair.
  • With this instrument, you can easefully dispose of all skin-related issues.
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  1. Naeem Khan

    The roller i received had some bended needles idk if its normal. But yes, not what i expected.

  2. Emaan Fatima

    I have Bought this it is very Good I bought excellent & Very effective results thanks a lot to for this genuine product.

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